OFAH/OPG TackleShare presented by Ontario Power Generation

Initiated by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) and proudly sponsored by Ontario Power Generation, the OFAH/OPG TackleShare Program gives new and young anglers the opportunity to go fishing at no cost. There are many barriers to introducing new anglers to fishing on today’s waters. OFAH/OPG TackleShare removes these barriers by providing the equipment and knowledge to get them started. Participating anglers simply sign out a rod and reel, as well as an assortment of tackle in the same way that they would borrow library material. Get involved through Loaner Sites or through Travelling TackleShare.

OFAH/OPG TackleShare Program Loaner Sites

Since its launch in 1998, the OFAH/OPG TackleShare Program has become a huge success with more than 140 loaner sites across the province, allowing thousands of new anglers to become involved in recreational fishing. These loaner sites include Ontario Parks, public libraries, conservation authorities, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and other community organizations. Click here to learn more about OFAH/OPG TackleShare Loaner Sites, or to find one near you!

OFAH/OPG Travelling TackleShare Program

The OFAH/OPG Travelling TackleShare program is designed to bring fishing gear to a variety of events in different locations during the summer. In addition to lending out gear, the Travelling TackleShare crew provides an interactive educational workshop, which includes introductory fishing instruction and lessons on aquatic habitats, conservation and water safety. As the title sponsor of the OFAH/OPG TackleShare program, OPG is committed to promoting water safety, especially near hydroelectric stations or dams. Remember: Stay Clear, Stay Safe. Click here for more information on the OFAH/OPG Travelling TackleShare Program, and Travelling TackleShare locations for 2015.