Rules and Regulations (Reg Form)

Virtual Fishing Rules & Regulatations

  1. Fish must be caught using rod and line in Ontario waters and during open seasons according to the Province of Ontario’s Sportfishing Regulations.
  2. Only fish caught during the current fishing season are eligible.
  3. Fish angled in private or commercial fish ponds are not eligible.
  4. Only one person may catch and play the fish.
  5. Qualifying fish species include: bass (smallmouth, largemouth), panfish (pumpkinseed, bluegill, yellow perch, rock bass, black crappie, white crappie), salmon (atlantic, chinook, coho, pink), trout (brown, brook, rainbow, lake, splake), channel catfish, brown bullhead, burbot, bowfin, walleye, common carp, muskellunge, tiger muskie, northern pike, cisco, and lake whitefish.
  6. Photographs are required for all fish entered.
  7. Online form entrants must indicate their acceptance of the rules and regulations.
  8. To make an entry eligible for the program each entrant must include the name of the fish species, date the fish was caught, name of the waterbody the fish was caught on, and the name of the community closest to the waterbody.
  9. Qualifying fish must be submitted online.
  10. Youth entrants under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian authorize their entry form stating such.
  11. The OFAH will be the sole and final judge as to the acceptance of the entries, reserves the right to request additional information and requirements in the best interest of the program and to disqualify unverifiable entries.
  12. By submitting photographs you agree to allow the OFAH and its partners (with OFAH permission) to use the picture in any and all of their various advertising and promotional endeavours. Photos become the property of the OFAH.
  13. You warrant that the image is of yourself (if applicable) and grant the OFAH and its partners (with OFAH permission) the reproduction rights of the photograph as set out herein. Further, you warrant that the photo is not subject to any other party’s rights. You agree to fully indemnify the OFAH against any expenses or damages it incurs (including reasonable attorney fees) as a result of any claim against it resulting from the use of the submitted photo or breach of the warranties set out above.
  14. The OFAH is under no obligation to use your photograph in any manner. If it does, however, it may crop, modify, and adapt it as it sees fit or necessary for its promotional use without your consent or review. You also grant the OFAH the right to use your name in its promotional activities and publish on the website of the TackleShare and any publication in relation to those awards.